Will Eye Exercises Improve Vision

Will Eye Exercises Improve Vision

Will Eye Exercises Improve Vision?

Poor eyesight is a very inconvenient condition to deal with. It does not matter whether you are nearsighted or farsighted. You can acquire better vision by wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses or by undergoing a lasik procedure. The eyeglasses can be an inconvenience at times while the contact lenses require a lot of care to avoid eye infection. As for the lasik surgery, it will cost you a lot of money without being assured 100% that your perfect vision will be restored. Side effects of unsuccessful lasik procedure can even worsen the condition of your eyes. There are studies, however, that certain eye exercises can improve your vision but there are contradicting views on the matter.

Eye Exercises Improve Vision

Many claim that exercises of the eye like palming, figure of eight, blinking, near and far focusing and zooming can restore your vision of 20/20.

Palming is done by covering your eyes for them to be rested for at least three minutes. This exercise can also relax your mind. It also prevents migraine and headache due to strain of the eyes.

Figure of Eight is a technique wherein you create an imaginary number eight figure in front of you lying in its side. You need to trace the shape of the number eight with your eyeballs for a few minutes repetitively, first clockwise then counterclockwise.

Blinking is accomplished by simply opening and closing your eyes alternately every three seconds. After the activity, notice whether your eyes were relaxed or strained.

Near and Far Focusing requires you to put up your thumb about ten inches in front of your eyes and then focus on it. Afterwards, look at anything which is located ten feet from you and focus your eyes unto it. Do it in repetition for a few minutes.

The fifth and last exercise to be discussed is the zooming. You do zooming while you are seated comfortably with your arms stretched outward with your thumb positioned as if you are hitch hiking. This is a bit similar to near and far focusing. You focus on your thumb while your arms are stretched out then focus on it when it is near your face. Do it for a few minutes at any time you want.

Eye Exercises Do Not Improve Vision

There have been instances wherein programs involving eye exercises were proved to be a hoax. Some have defrauded people in thinking that they can actually help them get back their clear vision but it was discovered that their eye exercise programs that cost a lot is ineffective in treating eye problems.

Some studies also show that eye exercises cannot correct poor eyesight caused by abnormalities in the anatomy of the eyes. The fact of the matter, however, is that dull vision has always been associated to irregularity in the shape of the cornea or length of the eyeballs. Eye exercises do not have the ability to change the shape or length of the eye parts that causes the problem with the vision.

Reconciliation of the Two Beliefs on Eye Exercises as related to Vision Improvement

Although it is true that eye exercises cannot actually bring back the 20/20 vision of your eyes, they can help relax your eyes to improve your vision which was dulled by strain and stress. It is an established fact that the tiredness in the eyes can add dullness in the vision of the eyes that are suffering from vision problems or even in otherwise healthy eyes.

It is, thus, concluded that eye exercises can improve vision at a certain level but it will not correct a vision problem caused by a medical condition.


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