What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

One of the most common skin problems today is the dark circles that occur under the eyes. Typically, women are more prone to this kind of problem because of the stress that they encounter every single day. But what they don’t know is that, under eye dark circles can be a cause of certain health problems. This is the reason why there are more and more people who are asking as to what causes dark under eye circles. There are actually a lot of reasons and knowing any of them would definitely be ideal, for you to be able to know if you are suffering from a health problem or if you only have those dark circles because of skin issues.

Abnormalities in Capillaries

For people who are asking as to what causes dark under eye circles, the abnormalities in the capillaries are the number one cause. The responsibility of the capillaries is to make sure that the cells under the eyes will get the right nutrients and oxygen that it needs. But sometimes, due to the size of the capillaries the blood that passes through it can go to other cells that surround the eyes, which will then cause those dark under eye circles that you are experiencing now. If you are experiencing much darker under eye circles, this means that the capillaries released a lot of blood around your eyes. There are temporary remedies that you can do, such as the popular cucumber that can be applied during the night. You can also ask your physician as to what good remedy he can give you to get rid of these dark eye circles.

Skin Aging

Aging cannot be delayed by anyone, but the visibility of aging in your skin can definitely be delayed if you want to. Aging is what causes dark under eye circles, because the veins that are located under your eyes are also in the process of aging. These veins will not be able to protect your eyes that much anymore, which make that area of your skin to be prone from darkening. As the skin ages, the skin’s elasticity under your eyes are also lessening that is why it becomes darker and puffy as time passes by.


People who are smoking are more prone to have dark under eye circles according to a study conducted by the dermatologists. The reason behind this is because; the smoke that comes out of your mouth and cigarettes can affect the skin on your face. One of the most parts to be affected is the skin under your eyes, because of its thin texture. This can be treated by going to a dermatologist and have your under eye dark circles to be treated. Your dermatologist can give you certain creams that you can apply, or you may opt for an easier procedure.

Inadequate Time of Sleep

If your body lacks sleep, then you will surely be getting dark under eye circles in no time. If you notice, whenever you are deprived of sleep your eyes becomes puffy and when your eyes are puffy for a long period of time, dark circles will surely start to develop. This can be hard to remove, which is why it is more advisable for everyone to make sure that they are getting the sleep that their body needs.

These are some of the most common reasons as to what causes dark under eye circles. Of course you have the ability to avoid this kind of problem if you avoid the mentioned things above. But if you’re already suffering from dark under eye circles, then asking your dermatologist and doctor for help would definitely be ideal.


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