What Causes Dark Rings Around Eyes

What Causes Dark Rings Around Eyes

What Causes Dark Rings Around the Eyes?

Dark rings around the eyes, better known as per orbital circles in the scientific community are quite common among certain people; the real question however is what causes dark rings around the eyes? A considerable amount of research has gone into this phenomenon and the results have been surprising to say the least with some the causes being so unanticipated.

Dark Rings Around the Eyes and the Remedies

It is understood that the skin around the eyes is one of the thinnest in the human body and therefore one of the cause of dark rings around the eyes could be the visibility of blood vessels belonging to the eyes through this thin skin. It goes without saying that dark rings around the eyes would be most common in individuals with lighter skin as compared to their counterparts with darker hues. This could probably be the reason why dark rings around the eyes are a phenomenon most common around white people. It is worth mentioning that light skinned individuals among black people are also susceptible to dark rings around the eyes.

An additional reason behind the phenomenon of dark rings has been touted to the physical appearance of an individual; this is to say that individuals with a deep set bone structure around the eyes are more likely to have dark rings around the eyes as a result of shadowing around the eyes.

Also in the list of causative agents to the dark rings around the eyes phenomenon are medical conditions and allergies which lead to itching around the eyes. As you probably already know one of the first reactions to an itch around the eye region is to rub the eye as hard as possible. As it turns out, this is one of the reasons why dark rings may develop around the eyes. Apart from these allergies there are a number of medical conditions that are responsible for causing dark rings around the eyes region. Some of this include; liver conditions, and anaemia. Interestingly with the anaemia, it is believed that the dark rings under the eyes are a symptom that the body is deficient in a certain type of mineral iron.

Other Reason for Dark Rings

An additional reason for dark rings under the eyes could be as a result of pregnancy in women where the skin around the eyes becomes significantly paler than in other regions of the body therefore allowing the blood vessels under the skin to show.

All in all there are plenty of reasons for dark eyes and with a significant amount of research you should be able to gather quite some amount of information.

Now that you are familiar with what causes dark rings around the eyes you may want to know how to get rid of these rings. One way of getting rid of the rings around the eyes on a daily basis is by the use of makeup. Intelligently applying makeup around the eyes region can effectively mask the dark rings that have formed under them. The major disadvantage with this method of control is the fact that it is a temporary fix not bound to last a significant duration of time.

How to Fix Dark Rings?

A good way of fixing the issue of dark rings around the eyes is by trying to find the underlying causes and taking corrective actions, for instance one way of eliminating dark ring could be as simple as ensuring that you get enough rest at night. It is also important to note that dark rings around the eyes could be an indicator of malnutrition so sometimes it pays to be attentive of all the little details with regards to your body.

What causes dark skins around the eyes? Do your research with regards to yourself and you are bound to be surprised. And if you are a victim of dark rings then you need to look for ways of addressing the dark rings issue.


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