Vision Without Glasses Review

Vision Without Glasses Review

Vision Without Glasses – An Extensive Review Program Fit For You

For those individuals who are suffering from visual problems, Vision Without Glasses has the solution. This natural therapy program is designed to help people cure various visual problems without the need for medications and surgical procedures. So how does Vision Without Glasses work? What are its advantages and disadvantages? To properly know and understand this program, here is a thorough product review.

Vision Without Glasses: Natural Eye Treatment Program by Duke Peterson

Vision Without Glasses was authored by Duke Peterson, a famous and reputable optometrist who has been working in the ophthalmology industry for over 25 years. However, despite being able to properly help people with their visual problems, he realized that most of the treatments he provide do not actually treat the problem but just temporarily provides relief to the main problem. He also realized that corrective glasses and lens could also harm and degrade the visual abilities of the eyes overtime. He confirmed his theory after discovering the studies conducted by Dr. William H. Bates.

Dr. Bates was a popular eye-care physician in the late 19th century. He became popular for his Bates Method, a natural therapy treatment designed to improve eyesight and cure visual problems by correcting the movement and visualization of the eyes. A lot of eye-care physicians and scientists contradicted his theory but despite many controversies regarding his therapy methods, a lot of testimonials and reviews have proved that his theory and treatments is indeed correct and effective.

Vision Without Glasses Review

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How Does Vision Without Glasses Work?

Even in this modern era, a lot of people especially eye experts do not want to believe Dr. Bates’ theory but there are few, like Dr. Duke Peterson, who discovered the efficacy and wonderful benefits of natural eye therapy. With his Vision Without Glasses treatment program, Dr. Peterson can now help more people improve vision and avoid damaging remedies like wearing glasses, contact lenses or undergoing harsh and risky surgeries like laser eye surgery.

According to the treatment program, Vision Without Glasses can be used to treat various eye problems like Myopia or Nearsightedness, Hyperopia or Farsightedness, Presbyopia, Dyslexia, Macular Degeneration, Lazy Eye or Amblyopia, Astigmatism, Cataract, Glaucoma, Tension Headache and Eyestrain.

The program can treat visual problems within 2 to 3 months. It includes an everyday 15-minute action plan that will help the eye to rehabilitate and self-correct on its own. The program also teaches patients the ways on how to properly use contact lenses and eyeglasses to avoid damages to the vision.

Vision Without Glasses Review

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Vision Without Glasses Program

There are a lot of benefits patients and readers can derive from Vision Without Glasses program which is now offered in digital book format. However, just like other programs, there is also some downside to this program. Here are the pros and cons of this natural eye therapy method:


  • One of the great advantages of Vision Without Glasses is that it is a proven natural method to improve vision. Thousands of people all over the world have already used this method and improve their eyesight permanently.
  • Vision Without Glasses is absolutely safe since it includes natural therapies and exercises. Compared to eye surgeries which have no guarantees and pose great risks especially in terms of side effects, Vision Without Glasses poses no risks, possible complications and eye infections.
  • This natural therapy program is suitable for everyone. Kids, teens and adults can follow the simple steps and exercises provided in the program.
  • You can also reduce eyestrain and relieve headache within a minute by doing the eye re-training exercises.
  • You can save a lot of money by choosing this program compared to undergoing eye surgeries and treatments, and avoid glasses and lenses permanently.
  • The author offers a 60-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result of the program therefore ensuring you that you will not waste money for something that did not work for you.


  • Results may vary from person to person.
  • People need to fully commit their time, dedication and effort to properly perform the program and gain the best results.
  • According to some users, the bonuses included on the program are not that relevant.

Vision Without Glasses – The Bottom-line

People tend to become skeptical when it comes to natural methods and treatments especially those that are promoted online mainly because of so many false treatments and scams that are circulating online. Vision Without Glasses is a certified program based on the popular Bates Method and has been perfected by Duke Peterson after 5 years of study. If you are thinking of spending thousands of dollars for eye surgery or if you have been suffering from degrading vision due to wearing contact lenses, then considering this natural option might be a good decision. You only have to spend a little amount for the information you need and you will have the chance to improve your vision and overall eye condition without the risks and dangers posed by eye surgeries.

Vision Without Glasses Review


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