How to Deal with Eye Floaters

How to Deal with Eye Floaters

How to Deal with Eye Floaters?

Have you ever experienced eye floaters before? One thing that many people ask themselves is whether there is a cure. There are many causes of eye floaters and hence the treatment will also vary depending on the conditions.

What Exactly Are Eye Floaters?

These are cobwebs or flecks that float in your eyes. They are often very small and form dark shadows that float around. Sometimes they look like threads or spots like strands. They will follow your eye movements and will only settle down when your eyes stops to move. This is usually very annoying and is common among many people as they tend towards old age. The most prone people are those suffering from diabetes or those who have undergone cataract surgery.

Eye floaters can result in many things. They occur when vitreous – gel-like substance which is responsible for maintaining shape of the eye fills 80 percent of the eye. This shrinks as you get older.

When it shrinks it becomes stringy and casts a tiny shadow on your retina. The protein floaters found in the eye are little specks or partials that are commonly referred to as floaters once they get in your eyes.

Symptoms of Eye Floaters

Mostly there are some experiences that if you start noticing, then you should seek medical help. For instance lose of peripheral vision. This can come as a result of retinal detachment.

A section of your vitreous can also pull away from the retina causing a string of floaters to appear. Actually there is no treatment for this, sometimes the experience can be very painful and you should be patient as the floaters will settle down eventually.

Do Eye Floaters Cause Some Harm if Not Treated?

Ignoring serious signs of eye floaters does not necessarily mean that you will suffer some pain. There are many people with eye floaters and rarely concentrates about them; hence they literally do not feel their effect as it seems normal for them. This is because they are very much used to them. The floaters will come and go causing only slight aggravation.

There are instances when you might experience white lights and spots which might make you want to run or hide. This is a sign of retina detachment which can be helped by medical attention which should be sought immediately as any delay may cause you to lose your vision.

Are There Any Remedies for Eye Floaters?

Many of the floaters are best left alone. There are those that should be treated like when there is a retinal detachment caused. Some of the eye floaters can be treated by use of eye drops as well as herbal remedies which are locally available.

You can consult your doctor to know more about the treatment options available. This will help you in using the best treatment that will help you out and not one that will further worsen the condition.

It is important to take not of the fact that not all the treatments that you will get will effectively work. Sometimes they simply mask the condition for a short time.

Surgical option sometimes is recommended in certain cases. However it is not advised for all cases doe to the risk involved. It is much convenient to have the floaters removed via laser treatment for those who have retinal detachments. This is only advised if it causes major vision impairments.

The main reasons why surgical option is carried out in cases of retinal detachments are based on the fact that there is risk of lose of sight. The surgery contains that risk too. That is precisely the reasons why surgical option is not advised for removal of any other floaters.


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