Eyesential Review

Eyesential Review

Eyesential: Women and Beauty

Women in general take pride of how they look. They spend time in front of a mirror and search for the best dress they have to appear pleasantly in front of other people. This is not a negative thing though because women and beauty goes together. It is like a law that defines the existence of the female community in this planet. However, as a woman age, her physical appearance somehow falters and lessens. Age only grows and as it increases more clear proof of aging appears. Luckily, science and innovation found ways to defy aging. Not totally though but at least delay it a little bit.

Beauty products are readily available in the market and this greatly enhances these attributes that are slowly fading. One of which are the dark circles and puffiness in the eyes and the wrinkles that appears near the windows of a woman’s soul. Even if she is not really vain, seeing those lines and creases in the ace would worry her. Beauty products are just about everywhere. Online or the traditional markets, you can easily find creams and pills that claims their effectiveness once used but are they really effective?

Eyesential and the Beauty it Preserves

Wrinkles and other flaws in the face are not welcomed by most women may they be at an old age or those that are just in their mid-life. Who would want some eye bags and wrinkles anyway? Eyesential is a beauty product created by an Australian company Eternal Cosmeceuticals. It contains water, sodium silicate, propylene glycol, magnesium aluminum silicate, iron oxides, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. Based on the story behind the product, this was intended for Hollywood beauties to make sure they are flawless to look at. Many women suffer puffiness around the eyes which lessens the appeal. It was introduced to Hollywood and now it is made available to the general public.

Initially, its main purpose is to give an instant eye lift to make the stars appear young on screen. Ordinary women nowadays understand the need to present themselves pleasantly in front of people especially if they are maintaining a career even if they are not movie stars. Eyesential beats surgical eyelift mainly because of the price and its instant effect.

Eyesential Review

What Eyesential Promises

Just like all other products promoted in the market, either in traditional markets or online, they always guarantee great results. This product does deliver fast results since you were promised with. One simply needs to apply Eyesential before using make-up. When applied evenly, user will feel sensations as the liquid dries though it does not penetrates the skin as if the skin is being pulled and is getting firmed. All these happen and is felt however this is only temporary. Some people are discontented with this fact since they would have no permanent effect and they would have to continue purchasing the product to get the same young and vibrant look.

Eyesential Review

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The Pros and Cons of Eyesential


  • It is economical since you only need to use a small amount.
  • Results are visible after 10 minutes.
  • Eye bags are deflated only within 10 minutes after application.
  • The under eye skin lightens.


  • The result is only temporary.
  • There is no clear research presented by the company.
  • It only last for 3 hours.
  • Its main ingredient Magnesium Aluminum Silicate is only safe to humans in limited amount and the product does not state the percentage they are using.
  • There are quite a good number of users that says they experience itchiness and rashes.

Final Verdict

Eyesential is a very helpful product especially if you do not have the money to get surgery or get botox. There are benefits and there are disadvantages and it depends on the person who intends to use the product whether they take the risk or not. Some people are saying that there is something shady since there are no supporting research and studies regarding the product and there are individuals complaining about the rash and itch they experienced.

Not everyone has the same reaction though because there were also those who are very happy with the result. It may not be permanent but they do have a younger looking face even just for a couple of hours. If you try to gage between the good things you get from Eyesential and the bad ones, you will be caught in the middle.

However, if you want something to help you with your appearance without having to spend huge amount of money and going through a risky operation, this is the best option you got. The price is really the best reason why you should try it out plus the almost instant result allows you to have that same look as those celebrities you see on big screens and TV’s. This may be a good product to try.

Eyesential Review


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